Here you will find pronunciations and definitions of words commonly used in this blog, on, in the Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair E-Book, and in our other resources. Included are product names and scientific terms.

Amla: /AM-la/ or / OM-la/

Powdered Indian Gooseberry, used as a fruit acid to cool bright, brassy tones in henna and cassia mixtures, to prevent curl loosening, and as an exfoliating face mask.

Cassia: /KASS-ee-uh/ or /KAH-see-uh/

A plant dye powder that gives a translucent golden tone to light hair. Used in blonde mixes, alone as a conditioning treatment, and to dilute henna/indigo mixes.

Cassia Obovata: (See above) / oh-bo-VAH-tuh/

The scientific name for the cassia plant.

Henna:  /HEN-na/

A plant dye powder that gives an orange red stain. Used in almost all henna for hair mixes.

Indigo: /IN-duh-go/ or /IN-dih-go/

A plant dye powder that, alone, gives a blue/green stain. Almost always used in combination with henna to product brunette tones.

Indigofera tinctoria: /in-di-GAH-fer-ah tink-TOR-ee-ah/

The scientific name for the indigo plant.

Jasmine: /JAZZ-min/

Our finest sifted henna. Great for delicate, damaged, thick, and curly hair because of its easy application and clean rinse.

Kristalovino: /kriss-tall-oh-VEE-no/

A fruit acid powder derived from wine-making. Leads to light, bright results in henna and cassia mixtures. Diprotic acid.

Lawsone: /LAW-zone/, /LAW-sown/, or /LAW-sun/

The dye molecule in henna which binds to the keratin in the hair. A higher lawsone content leads to a richer, deeper stain.

Lawsonia inermis: /law-ZONE-nee-uh in-ERR-miss/

The scientific name for the henna plant.

Mehandi: /meh-HAHN-dee/

The name of the online store which sells Ancient Sunrise and Becoming Moonlight products. Mehandi is also another word for Henna.

Malluma Kristalovino: /ma-LOO-ma kriss-tall-oh-VEE-no/

A fruit acid powder derived from wine-making. Deepens henna stains for rich auburns and brunettes. Potassium Bitartrate

Monsoon: /mahn-SOON/

Our henna with a lower dye content and rosier red stain.

Rajasthani: /rah-jah-STAH-nee/

Referring to the Rajasthan region of India, the source of our hennas.

Sudina: /soo-DEE-na/

Referring to the standard sifted indigo and cassia.

Twilight:  /TWI-lite/

Our highest dye content henna, great for gray coverage. Results in deep auburn tones on lighter hair.

Zekhara: /zeh-CAR-uh/

Referring to the finely sifted indigo and cassia.

Zizyphus: /ZISS-ih-fuss/

A plant powder used to naturally clean and condition hair without affecting color.