Categories and Articles

The articles in this blog are organized into categories based on topic. For your convenience, the permalinks to each article will be listed here for easy browsing and sharing.

Henna for Hair 101: A series designed for those who are new to henna for hair and/or Ancient Sunrise® products. These articles will provide readers with the basic and essential knowledge to confidently begin.

Full Coverage: Articles for achieving perfect, consistent results. For experienced henna-users who run into the occasional obstacle, or would like to fine-tune their mix and techniques.

Highlights: Features on issues and news related to henna for hair, other natural plant products for hair, the chemical and physical structure of hair, and sensitization to ingredients in commercial dyes and hair products.

Roots and Growth: Articles on the history of henna for hair, and future directions.

PPD: Articles dealing specifically with issues surrounding para-phenylenediamine (PPD); allergic reactions, sensitization, regulation, etc.