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This blog provides insight into the latest research, news, and techniques related to henna for hair, as a part of the Ancient Sunrise brand, part of Tap Dancing Lizard LLC.

 Ancient Sunrise products provide natural, safe, and permanent hair coloring through plant powders that have been tested in an independent lab to be free of PPD, pesticides, metallic salts, heavy metals, and other chemical adulterants. We also carry natural shampoos, soaps, and treatments for skin and hair. Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair products are sold online at www.mehandi.com. Select products are available on Amazon.com.

 What sets Mehandi.com and its products apart is that it is built upon years of research by the owner, Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD, and the customer service staff. We base our products and techniques on this research. Testing and development is a continuous process. We offer numerous avenues of education and support to customers and stylists who have chosen to switch to Ancient Sunrise.

As sensitization to para-phenylinediamine (PPD), a component of chemical hair dyes and “black henna,” increases worldwide, this company aims not only to provide a safe and effective alternative to commercial dyes, but also to bring light to the risks of continual exposure to PPD.

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 If you are a stylist interested in using Ancient Sunrise in your salon, contact salons@mehandi.com

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