Highlights: Money-Saving Tips for Ordering from Ancient Sunrise®



Henna keeps your hair healthy and strong, but it is also great for your wallet. While having your hair dyed in a salon can cost up to a hundred dollars or more, and a box of dye from the store can be around ten dollars, each application of henna can cost as little as $3.00 if you know the best ways to order. Here are the not-so-secret secrets that the staff at Ancient Sunrise® would love for you to know.


1. Order Samples First

If you are new to henna or Ancient Sunrise®, we highly recommend ordering samples to try out before buying a full-sized product. Your patience will be well worth it. Ancient Sunrise® sells samples of all plant dye powders and Henna for Hair kits in portions just large enough to test on some hair harvested from your hair brush or a recent haircut, or to try on an inch-wide section on your head. Prices range from $1.50 to $3.99, and shipping for samples is always free.

 Call, chat, or email with the customer service staff to determine which samples would be best for you to try. Once you have done your strand tests, you will be ready to order a full-sized kit, or your plant powders of choice. If your test strands didn’t come out the way you wanted, the customer service staff will work with you to find the mix that works best for your needs.

Ordering samples saves you from spending money on a product that ends up producing results you may not like. Switching to henna is exciting and you may be tempted to jump right in, but you’ll be happy that you took the time to test.


Kit samples contain pre-measured amounts of plant dye powders packaged separately to ensure that your test will be an accurate reflection of full kit results.


2. Order in Bulk

Most customers who start with a kit eventually switch to ordering their plant dye powders in bulk quantities once they are familiar and comfortable with the process. All of the products on the kits are available for individual purchase. The Ancient Sunrise® Henna for hair kits are convenient in that they provide all of the necessary ingredients in the correct proportions, as well as a detailed instruction sheet, gloves, and an applicator bag. The trade-off is that they are a few dollars more expensive.

Ancient Sunrise® prices plant dye powders by the individual 100g packet, 500g, 1 kilo, and 2 kilos. No matter how much you buy, the product will always come in 100g packets. At 500g, there is a discount of 50 cents per packet, for an overall savings of $2.50. At 1 kilo, each packet is $1.00 off. At 2 kilos, each packet is $2.00 off. This means that if you order 2 kilos (20 100g packets), you are saving $40 in comparison to buying individual packets little by little.  

 The plant dye powders will last for years if kept sealed, dry, and at a moderate temperature. Henna and cassia powders may be kept in the freezer (Indigo should never be frozen). Once you have decided on your perfect mix, you can stock up on your ingredients. Not only will you save money by ordering in bulk, but you’ll only have to pay for shipping once. Also, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you never have to place a last minute order after running out of your supplies.


Freeze henna paste for easy future use. Just thaw what you need and apply.


It is especially important to stock up on indigo powder before the winter months. Indigo will become unusable if subjected to freezing temperatures. While we do our best to insulate indigo shipments during the winter (you can also request extra insulation for a fee), we cannot control what may happen to the packages while they are on their way to you. It is always best to stock up in the fall before freezing temperatures set in.


3. Stick to Root-only Applications

One of the best benefits of henna for hair is that it does not fade. In fact, over-application may cause your color to darken. After your first full-head application, it is only necessary to dye your roots as your hair grows.

Most customers use anywhere between 30g to 100g for a root touch-up, depending on the thickness or their hair and the accuracy of their application. This means that the cost of a root touch-up can cost as little as $3.00 (or less, if you ordered your powders in bulk) and one 100g packet of henna can last for three applications. If a person is using only henna and touches up their roots once a month, the cost for a whole year’s worth of henna comes to less than $40.


Apply your mix only to the first couple of inches nearest to your scalp. Accurate application means less waste and more money saved.


Those who are using only henna or henna/cassia mixes can take advantage of the fact the henna and cassia paste can be frozen. Mix a large amount of paste all at once, dye-release it, and separate it into smaller portions. The paste can be kept in the freezer for upwards of six months.  Just thaw and apply!

When using a mix of henna and indigo (and/or cassia), contact the customer service office for customized measurements for root applications. This ensures that you are using the same ratios in a smaller amount, and prevents excess waste.


4. Keep a Backup Supply

If you are not ready to place a bulk order yet, it is highly recommended that you order at least enough for one regular application, plus enough for touch-ups. In the case that you use all of your order to dye your hair only to find that you missed a spot, or the color came out too light, the last thing you’ll want to do is place a second order and wait several days to receive more product.

For those who use both henna and indigo, it is great to have an extra packet of indigo on hand. If your roots did not take enough color, or if you wish to darken your results, having extra indigo makes  solving these problems quick and painless.


If you missed a spot or your results came out too light, simply reapply just to those areas.



As mentioned above, it is always great to have extra henna on hand because henna paste can be frozen for long periods of time.

Fruit acid powder is great to have handy also. It prevents unnecessary runs to the store for fruit juice and ensures consistent color results.

 Finally, I personally always have a jar of Ancient Sunrise® Rainwash Mineral treatment in the house for regular clarifying and pre-henna cleansing. One jar of Rainwash is enough for about ten treatments, and is much more cost effective than ordering individual single-use packets. It is great for keeping my results bright and my hair soft.


5. Contact Customer Service Directly

It is always a good idea to order your product directly from a customer service agent via phone, email, or online chat. Not only are they very knowledgeable and fun to talk to, but they can make sure to apply any discounts that might be available, and check for your cheapest shipping option.

Www.mehandi.com is a wonderful and fast way to place your order, but may charge more for shipping depending on where you live. If you live near Ohio, customer service agents may be able to decrease your shipping fee. If you are placing a small order, such as three 100g packets or fewer, CS will be able to adjust the shipping option to a flat-rate envelope. If you are ordering a larger supply and are on the west coast, larger flat-rate boxes are available, which may cost less than shipping to your location by weight.

Once reason they are able to do this is that they can manually adjust an order to be packed more efficiently. On the website, bulk order options are set for 500g, 1 kilo, or 2 kilos, and all are prepackaged in boxes of 500g, or five 100g packets. These boxes take up room when packing. Customer service can place an order for as many individual packets as you’d like, with the same discounts applied. This means that if you only need 13 packets, customer service can apply the same 1 kilo price to all 13 packets, and fit them into a medium flat-rate box.


Hooray for flat rate boxes!


Ancient Sunrise® customer service staff is available Monday through Friday, 9am-10pm Eastern Time through phone, email, or online chat. Phone are answered before chats, so if you need to place an order quickly, feel free to call. If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message with your name, number, and the nature of your call. This is still a small company, and on busy days, they will do their best to return your call as soon as possible.

You may also like to send an email with your order, your phone number, and the time you’d like to be called. This can often expedite your ordering process because the representative can have your order set up before calling you, and you will simply need to complete your payment with your credit card information.