Full Coverage: How to Dye Hair Blonde with Plant Dye Powders



Henna dyes hair shades of red. Add indigo, and you’ll get brunettes. But what if you have gray, white, or light blonde hair and you’d like to keep your hair light? Mixes that have a higher amount of cassia, and a smaller amount of henna and indigo will help you achieve blonde tones that range from sun-kissed straw to deep, “dishwater” blonde. These mixes are great for those who don’t want red, brown or black hair, and for those who wish to tint their grays to blend naturally with their root growth. This article will cover everything you might need to achieve your ideal blonde.


Cassia mixes dyed these mohair samples a range of blonde shades.



Cassia is a plant dye powder that imparts a light, translucent yellow tone to gray or light hair. The Cassia Obovata plant grows in East Africa and India. It leaves are harvested, dried, and ground to a fine powder in a similar way as henna. Cassia’s dye, chrysophanic acid, tints gray hairs and bring out golden tones in lighter hair.